DRT Mfg. Co., LLC
a subsidiary of DRT Holdings, LLC


Precision Solutions

From fabrication to finishing, DRT Precision Mfg., LLC has the capacity to meet all of your fabrication needs. We are committed to using the latest technology so that you can depend on us to meet your specific needs. Our capabilities encompass the entire fabrication process, but the following highlight our specialties:

  • State of the art laser cutting
  • State of the art turret punch presses
  • State of the art waterjet capabilities
  • CAD/CAM systems 3D modeling and sheet-metal forming simulation capabilities
  • Complex bending and forming
  • Spot welding and complete hardware assembly
  • Any type of post-machining processing
  • High quality powder coating and spray painting lines
  • Surface treatments and high-resolution, multiple color silk screening capabilities
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