DRT Mfg. Co., LLC
a subsidiary of DRT Holdings, LLC

Value-Added Solutions

At DRT Precision Mfg., LLC, being a manufacturing partner means more than being just a machine shop. Every associate is driven to bring value to his or her role, whether in planning, engineering, manufacturing or quality assurance.

Engineering Resources

DRT Precision Mfg., LLC manufacturing and tooling engineers are challenged to exceed customer expectations. Our resourceful engineers do more than review prints – they analyze designs to ensure drawings are correct and processes are optimized. If necessary, our engineers work with customers to discuss ways to improve manufacturing to enhance quality and lower costs. It is not always enough to make the part to print. We urge our associates to make the part better.

Market Expertise

DRT Precision Mfg., LLC associates are not only experts in precision machining; they bring market knowledge that is invaluable to our customers. Whether developing components for aerospace, power generation or other precision markets, DRT Precision Mfg., LLC’s market-focused experts provide insight and expertise you can’t find at a job shop.

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